Support for Employers

We will assist employers with the management of their Injury on Duty (IOD) cases ensuring that employees get the best professional service, get your money back and ensure your employees are happy and therefore making your life much easier.

If you or a family member was injured on duty (IOD) or contracted an occupational disease and you:

  • are owed a salary refund,
  • qualify for a permanent disability,
  • qualify for lifelong pension,
  • paid for medical expenses with own funds and want to recover them,
  • or want to re-open a claim,


We are equipped and have extensive knowledge to deal with Workman Compensation (COIDA) claims, doctors, hospitals and the Commissioner in finalising your claim and only after payment is made directly into your account then only do you pay us, we ensure that you are not short paid.

On your behalf we will:

  • Assist with your COIDA account and claims management procedure.
  • Review your COIDA account with the Compensation Commissioner.
  • Avoid payment of excessive annual premiums.
  • Timeously hand in annual returns required by the Compensation Commissioner.
  • Ensure that you do not over or under estimate your returns.
  • Letter of good standing.
  • Do the reconciliation of your assessment with your annual return.
  • Recover 75 % (Percentage allowed by COIDA) of money paid to employees in the first 3 months of injury from Compensation Commissioner.
  • Ensure that payment is correct and recovery of any other moneys due to you of any new or old cases.
  • We will give your personnel on the job IOD related training at no cost.
  • Submit and ensure that your claim is properly registered with the Compensation Fund.
  • Get outstanding documents and requirements from employees and medical practitioners.
  • Ensure that documents are correctly completed by all involved.



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