Support for Employees

Employees if you’ve been injured on duty and are discouraged because no one will help you, we will. If you do not have the knowledge, time or means to deal with the Compensation Commissioner (COIDA) claims procedure do not despair we will do it on your behalf.

If you or a family member was injured on duty (IOD) or contracted an occupational disease and you:

  • are owed a salary refund,
  • qualify for a permanent disability,
  • qualify for lifelong pension,
  • paid for medical expenses with own funds and want to recover them,
  • or want to re-open a claim,


We are equipped and have extensive knowledge to deal with Workman Compensation (COIDA) claims, doctors, hospitals and the Commissioner in finalising your claim and only after payment is made directly into your account then only do you pay us, we ensure that you are not short paid

On your behalf we will:

  • Medi-Africa will get it back or instated if your case has merit
  • Medi-Africa will do your claims and re-openings of claims if required and save you endless and needless frustration
  • We ensure that all documents are properly completed correctly and submitted.
  • Submit and ensure that your claim is properly registered at COIDA
  • Get your claim accepted if necessary.
  • Get outstanding documents and requirements from employers and medical practitioners.
  • Ensure that documents are correctly completed by all parties involved.
  • Ensure timeous submission of your return of earnings of your claim.
  • Verify banking details with all involved.
  • Ensure that payment is correct.
  • Recover medical expenses from the Commissioner.
  • Facilitate the re-opening of cases.
  • Assist with the quick finalisation of fatal claims, ensuring the dependants receive their pension on time.
  • Acquire and submit First Medical Report.
  • Assist you should need further specialist treatment by referring you to qualified medical practitioners with whom you can liaise
  • Review your classification including applying for change in nature of business with your employer.
  • Lodge objection if required.
  • Keep record of your assessments.
  • Re-assessment of permanent disablement.
  • Assist you if you need to go for Rehabilitation Services.
  • Submit and ensure that you get authority for your medicine every 6 months from the Compensation Fund.
  • Ensure you receive medicine.
  • Ensure that you receive special equipment where applicable e.g. wheelchairs every 5 years.



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