About Medi-Africa

Why Medi-Africa?


All kinds of distractions can slow your company down, and you may end up losing your competitive edge. Medi-Africa can take care of your distractions.

Medi-Africa u unit of Only Africa Group has become one of the leading Injuries on Duty (IOD) claims administrators covering the overall open labor market. The ultimate one-stop solution for injury on duty management and more. We offer new or established business owners, employers, and HR professionals practical and workable solutions for the administering of all IOD-related matters of Employees, reopening’s, and identifying risks of their IOD cases. We will make a huge difference to the business and its affected employee wellbeing. We will resolve IOD cases as well as manage and process all claims with a personal touch. We are the link between the employee, employer, medical services provider, and the Compensation Fund creating a personalized environment and not an impersonal electronic environment ensuring the best service, explaining the claim process etc. 

The difference between us and any other Injury on Duty Organization

  • Real-time/ on-time processing/submissions of IOD claims
  • You will be personally visited by our Managing Director, at your premises and not a representative.
  • Professional services to all our clients

Medi-Africa strictly adheres to the Injury on Duty law as stipulated by COIDA in the Government Gazette 2013 vol 573 notice 214 dated 15 March 2013.

What we do

Medi-Africa is a registered business/service provider as stipulated by the law of South Africa. We employ focused, dedicated, and professional staff members who deal exclusively with IOD  on a daily basis managing all the aspects for Employers & Employees /patients, medical supplies, accounts, and equipment e.g. wheelchairs, specialized beds, and accounts/claims queries. Letter of Good Standing generation. Medi-Africa strives to be the best and we are always willing to walk the extra mile, by ensuring we stay ahead of our competitors.


How we do it

Medi-Africa will deal with all claims no matter how long the matter has been outstanding. We are experts on Compensation Fund matters and will resolve all matters to your satisfaction with COIDA. We keep all involved informed at all times about the progress, any risks, and potential changes in status by means of a report



Medi-Africa, operations, and processing offices are situated in Montana Park, Pretoria which allows us direct and Personal consultation with the Compensation Fund on your behalf, therefore, information, queries, problems, and claims administration are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Medi-Africa also covers all regions of South Africa.



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Our mission is to provide Expert Quality Customer Service through knowledge, teamwork, and care.


To do something different, something better in such a way that each service provider, client and patient recommend us to colleagues, friends and family.


Our core values are:

Service Excellence: To serve all our clients and patients with unequaled expert quality service.

Integrity: Medi-Africa emphasizes integrity in every aspect of our business as well as our relationships with our clients/patients and therefore distinguishes itself as a well-trusted, respected, and preferred organization.

People: are our greatest asset serving our clients and patients is a commitment and an honor. Medi-Africa are committed to continuously improving our performance for each of our clients/patients.